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Papy Serge 140 "Fumée"

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The opening sequence of this transition is in reality projected by the lantern of Papy serge train locomotive. The Lantern is gradually shuting down ant lets appear smoke out of the chimney which contains 3 sequences, the last being the ending sequence of this truly magnificent transition

bijoux fantaisie
Informations :Position:Segue(Single)duration:25 secondes (non stretchable)


4 drop zones are available, first one will host opening sequence while last one will host ending sequence
  • Site is a dropdown box to select the background landscape of this theme
  • Site adds a tint to the background landscape

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Serie Papy Serge petit train , loaded times

2 possible installation methods :
download papy-serge-petit-train.exe
  • .ZIP file to be deflated in (for Vista and Windows 7) :
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