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last update Thursday 9 May 2013

The Persuaders!

The Persuaders!

Thursday 9 May 2013

I remain silent on this site for now several months. Some of you asked me if everything was okay?

For sure, everything goes well... it's just that I have a lot of work at the Office since the beginning of this year, when, in parallel, I help my son to renovate his apartment (it's time for him to leave the family home !). In addition to montage theme creation, I became a specialist of painting, electricity, plumbing, etc ...
That said, others programmers have remained active and have sent me various series of montage themes that I will publish as soon as I will find enough time. I have also created a new series, but I have still some tunings to do before release.

So I start this "destocking" by this nice series designed by Papy Serge to reproduce the famous generic of the 1960s TV series "The Persuaders". Papy Serge's version is very simple to use and has a lot of possibilities of customization. I also wrote this short tutorial to give you some guideline when using this series !
Spring has finally arrived on France, and with it, the wedding season. This montage theme series will give you an opportunity to create an introduction, always appreciated, to traditional slideshows that launch parties!

Merry Chrsitmas

Merry Chrsitmas

Friday 21 December 2012

It spent more than 2 months since my last edition. In fact, I have an end of year pretty busy that unfortunately doesn't let me enough free time. Nevertheless, for this year, this is MDamien that concocted us a Christmas special edition. Christmas tree, Santa claus, wreaths and snowflakes are the basis of this new series.

MDamien also trialed some special effects using an animated gif. It's fun and easy to do by simply superimposing the gif on a video!
Guillaume has also sent us a video presenting his family. This clip is made entirely on the basis of montage themes. With only a few days of experience in video editing, the result is impressive!

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Put a DVD in your DVD!

Put a DVD in your DVD!

Sunday 21 October 2012

This was a long time that I had not edited an original series. It is true that I have personally already produces 29 series, therefore it's my 30th.
Today, I wanted to put on stage a DVD in its box through various animations. Imagine a DVD box coming from nowhere, it opens and a DVD get out... Then imagine that meanwhile the DVD Player opens, and finally, imagine that the DVD goes in this DVD player which then closes and switches on the flat screen TV... I agree that a lot of imagination is required, so, have look at this theme to better understand what I try to explain!
This 20cents DVD series of 12 themes has 3 different opening themes, 3 transitions, 3 ending sequences, a lower third, and 2 sequences to create an original background to ending generic.
Users of Avid Studio or studio 16 will only get 9 themes in this series, differences in behavior between the old version (12-15), and these new versions have not allowed to make compatible scripts.

Don't forget that you can now find on this site a collection of beautiful thumbnail buttons for your DVD menus (for Avid and Pinnacle studio 16), this collection is enriched regularly!

Finally, it's soon Halloween, then feel free to re discover my 20cents Halloween series still of season !

Do you develop montage themes ?

If you are developing some montage themes, contact me !. I will install a dedicated page to publish your creations in topic Guests like I did for E-N-C. E-N-C themes are some of the most popular !.

In addition, and if needed, I can help you to overcome the unavoidable difficulties which may may occurs in such adventure.

You will find on this site many tutorial describing the montage themeprogramming language, and also a template of montage theme that you'll have only to custmize to your needs. 2 examples are there to make you understand how it works !

Enjoy your visit !

I hope that what you'll find here will be helpful. Do you have any need not fulfilled with current montage themes ?, just send me an email describing what you want, I will see what can I do ...

Of course, don't hesitate to contact me for any question or suggestion, or to tell me which is your prefered theme !

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