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"The Persuaders" : Making the generic

edited the 10th of May 2013

bijoux fantaisie

the topic 

It was a very classic TV series in the 1960s that is now regularly diverted during wedding dinners to introduce the life of newlyweds. This is the famous series "The Persuaders" credits (translated as "Amicalement Votre" in French, thus explaining the name of this series !).
Papy Serge has had the great idea to create this new series of montage themes Papy Serge Amicalement Votre to perform this montage very accuratly and with a minimum of work.
As you will see, this series is really very simple to use.

I take this opportunity to recall the existence of another series of montage theme on the same subject made a few years ago byguignol-film that you can find on his site.

Learn how to make The persuaders generic using Pinnacle studio

The Anatomy of "the Persuaders" credits.

The full generic lasts around 110 seconds, but it certainly took a little more time to Papy Serge to achieve this new series. The generic is designed to illustrate the life of the 2 heroes of the day before their daily adventures.

We could summarize "The Persuaders" credits into four groups of sequences.

1st sequence: Opening the files

Starting the Persuaders generic in Pinnacle studio

It is undoubtedly the iconic image that all people of my generation remembers of this series!

2 Folders, one red, the other blue, bear the names of the 2 heroes. When in place, they will make room for the photos of their childhoods...

To compose their names, Papy Serge preferred  the use of 'classical' dropzones rather than text fields. This offers more flexibility, because you can then use the editor of classic titles of Pinnacle Studio to compose your  text of your choice using all available text effects!

To do this, with Studio 12 to 15, just create a classic title (place the cursor in the line of the timeline tracks and click right select "Open Classic title editor"). Once the title completed, simply drag it to the corresponding dropzone in the montage theme that you previously placed on the timeline. Then, delete these titles from the timeline

2nd sequence: childhood and teen

The persuaders : opening sequence

The generic continues showing in parallel on each side of the screen the life of our 2 heroes. Their pictures follow one another in chronological order (You will need 4 for each), at the top of video sequences or representative sequences of their living environments (corresponding if possible at the period of the photos). 7 sequences will be required for each.

3rd sequence: Success their professional life

The persuaders : succesfull life

Then, and in turn, each of our 2 Heroes is highlighted through press releases relating their stories. Where appropriate, one or 2 videos will illustrates these headlines.

Here again, Papy Serge has provided the ability to customize the newspapers titles using a drop zone to host a classic title composed with Pinnacle studio. Note that it is also possible to prepare an image (.png or .jpg for example) file by using a third-party software such as "Paint.Net" or "Gimp" to incorporate it directly into these drop zones!

2 press releases are to be designed for each of our 2 heroes.

4th sequence: complicity

The persuaders : ending sequence

Finally, our 2 heroes have met. This 4th and last period of this "the persuaders" lets discover some images of their first adventures showing their respective personalities and their complicity. You will need no less than 15 sequences for this !

3 titles are also designed to comment your generic imitating that of "The Persuaders".

Download the montage theme series and the original soundtrack !

Add the original soundtrack

Firstly, download the series Papy Serge Amicalement Votre developed by the very talented Papy Serge ...

I kindly advise you to use the self-installing pack (yellow Download button). Indeed, in this case, with the montage theme series, you will find in Pinnacle Studio a new sound effects topic named "Amicalement votre" where you will find the original sound track of the Amicalement votre generic to add to your montage, making the effect fully conform to the original!

My advice: If you want to create an additional ound effects topic in Pinnacle Studio version 12-15, please feel free to rereadthis quite old tutorial !

Make your montage !

Okay, after theory, turn to practice...

Select the montage series "Papy Serge Amicalement votre" (menu Album/Montage theme in Pinnacle Studio)

Then everything will be very simple. Just align on the timeline (main track in Pinnacle studio 12 to 15 and track 2 in Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16) the different montage themes in the order in which they appear in the album, with the few exceptions below.
  • Firstly, the second theme must be replicated 3 times to achieve the opening sequence depicting the childhood and teen of the two heroes.
  • Then the themes which thumbnail is marked "track 2" must be placed on the overlay track (or on the title track) in Studio 12 to 15, or on track 1 in Avid and Studio 16, at the time indicated on the thumbnail.
  • Finally, for the titles of the ending sequence, we have prepared an alternative between titles to be composed using the pinnacle embedded title editor, or text  to composed directly, it's up to you 

The global montage is illustrated using Pinnacle Studio 12, version 16 having the disadvantage (for this purpose) to rebuilt the thumbnails for each theme when on the timeline, which makes the understanding of the montage more delicate for this tutorial.

The timeline for the persuaders generic in Pinnacle studio

Here is what you will get ...

As you might see, you will need a large number of photos/videos to achieve your "The Persuaders"  generic. Gathering them will be your main difficulty for this montage !

In the meantime, here's the template of your mounting with the original soundtrack!

You will agree that the result is pretty impressive compared to the time spent to implement these montage themes !

bijoux fantaisie

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