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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

bijoux fantaisie

238 "Happy New Year"



theme  - 238 Happy New Year
A fireworks with your own photos, for the New Year or any other occasion ...

Happy New Year 2011 from for all visitors and their families ! more ...

140 "Mille et un Noel Ending"



theme  - 140 Mille et un Noel Ending
To finish this New year serie, here is the ending montage theme still with the same graphic style. more ...

139 "Mille et un Noel Cadre"



theme  - 139 Mille et un Noel Cadre
This theme may look not very useful, but it will be nice to create effects using the graphic style of the other themes of this serie. It is intended to be positioned in the foreground of your sequence or of other montage theme (like cube for example...). To do that it should be placed on track more ...

138 "Mille et un Noel Lower Third 2"



theme  - 138 Mille et un Noel Lower Third 2
The second Lower Third of this serie gave me more trouble, but it was worth it!
Snowman comes in the upper part of screen and drop pieces of what will appear to be the title ...
Not that easy to do ...
more ...

137 "Mille et un Noel Lower Third 1"



theme  - 137 Mille et un Noel Lower Third 1
To complement these themes, I take fun creating 2 lower thirds with the same graphic chart
< br> Here is the first one. A cube appears on the right of the screen and unrolls the title to the left. After a few seconds, the cube inverses its rotation and rolls the banner to make the title di more ...

136 "Mille et un Noel Segue4"



theme  - 136 Mille et un Noel Segue4
The last transition themes of this serie. In this one, 3 blocks go from left to right dragging the transition from the opening to the ending sequence.
The faces of the cubes are built using new year images. more ...

135 "Mille et un Noel Segue3"



theme  - 135 Mille et un Noel Segue3
The third transition theme consists in 3 images that fall from the top of screen to provide a smooth transition from the opening sequence to the ending sequence more ...

134 "Mille et un Noel Segue2"



theme  - 134 Mille et un Noel Segue2
The second transition theme is almost identical to the first, except that it is the transition images and not your own sequences that come turning round to set the transition, more ...

133 "Mille et un Noel Segue1"



theme  - 133 Mille et un Noel Segue1
For this serie, I have created four transition montage themes to maintain the ambiance set by the opening theme.
here is the first one which just replay the same animation! more ...

132 "Mille et un Noel Opening"



theme  - 132 Mille et un Noel Opening
misleading title, since in reality, this theme allows many more combinations !
16 images of wallpaper are available for all of the 3 intermediate sequences providing 4096 possible combinations, which should be multiplied by six potential falling objects (snowflakes, Christmas tree balls, g more ...

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