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187 "Clock"

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This montage theme allows to do in a simple manner the jingle of the French TV series 'A guy A girl'. Really usefull for your home wedding movies, engagements, or any other events.
Nota: usage outside the family circle remains subject to copyright.
Please, notice that montage themes can not manage sounds other than from 'Drop Zone'. So, in parallel, you will need to add sound effect on the soundtrack.
By downloading this theme using the autoexec method, an additional section will be created in the 'Sound Effects' menu and you will find an effect, '038 1G1F' which reproduces a short extract from jingle of this cult series.

bijoux fantaisie
Informations :Position:superposition(single)duration:30 secondes (non stretchable)


  • Clock lets you choose the clock face from 7 opportunities. The hands of the clock will be automatically selected to match.
  • Border adjusts transparency of the clock border. If you don't want to display the clock border, push the cursor to the left.
  • Time to adjust the clock hands to display the time corresponding to your clips.
  • Date adjusts the date to be displayed in the face of the clock
  • Date selects the display color of the day.
  • Scale sets the size of the clock
  • X position adjusts the horizontal position of the clock
  • Y position adjusts the vertical position of the clock

Download Montage themes

Serie Clock , loaded times

2 possible installation methods :
download theme-clock.exe
  • .ZIP file to be deflated in (for Vista and Windows 7) :
Download montage themes directory

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