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119 "Danse"

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Different sequences revolve around two vertical axes like dancing.
The particularity of this theme is that it can be viewed from different angles, allowing to vary the effects.
Thus, with the default setting, the theme is 'flat', but if you change these settings, movements can be seen in 3D.
bijoux fantaisie
Informations :Position:global(single)duration:19 secondes (stretchable)


  • 6 Drop Zones to host your sequences

  • Photo is a drop-down list of choice to select a fixed background image.
  • Movie to select motion background.
  • Color is used to apply a color on fixed or motion backgrounds selected using Photo or Movie. In particular, if Photo is Uni and Movie is Null you will get a solid background color selected.
  • Scale can reduce the animation on the screen. This can be useful when we change the view with parameters Angle and Elevation
  • Angle to watch the scene slightly aside.
  • Elevation allows you to watch scene from a particular elevation.

Download Montage themes

Serie Vertical , loaded times

2 possible installation methods :
download theme-vertical.exe
  • .ZIP file to be deflated in (for Vista and Windows 7) :
Download montage themes directory

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