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Before starting to download anything on your PC, I think you would have a good idea of what you will be able to do with my various creations.
By clicking hereunder you will discover a first demonstration of what can be done with my montage themes proposed on this site.

It is of course only some examples, the possibilities are much broader, especially considering possible settings available for most montage themes.

This demonstration video was created in Pinnacle Studio 12. Here is a screenshot of the timeline.
You will see here theme #050 which is a triple montage theme using all the 3 tracks, and the implementation of the theme text which, even with Studio 12 allow creation of very cool motion titles !

click to enlarge

Now a second demonstration featuring other montage themes. You'll see here the various statics and motion backgrounds controlled directly from my montage themes without the need of any additional video track, keeping them for your personnal needs !

Again, this movie presenting various montage themes is only an illustration of their potential use, because once again, my themes have a lot of different customization options.

This second demonstration was also created with Pinnacle Studio 12. Here is a screenshot of the timeline. You will note the extreme simplicity of this montage, the complexity being encapsulated in the themes themselves.
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And finally a third demonstration highlighting how to use multi-track montage theme in a Video Wall application.

This third demo has been also created with Pinnacle Studio 12. Here is a screen shot of the timeline.

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