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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

268 "Ending"



theme  - 268 Ending
If my memories are correct, at the end of the movie the death star explodes. In this series, it's the same !

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267 "Lower Camel"



theme  - 267 Lower Camel
I have tried here a new style of montage theme. He staged one of land vehicles of the Imperial forces gradually discovering the title while walking...

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266 "Lower R2D2"



theme  - 266 Lower R2D2
Here's a first Lower third in which our R2D2 crosses the screen at full speed, and projected a hologram containing a title when looking back ...

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265 "Space"



theme  - 265 Space
Star Wars, it's also some travels through the Galaxy. It's the aim of this transition. An intermediate step is included to check the path!

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264 "Transition R2D2"



theme  - 264 Transition R2D2
transition occurs when R2D2 crosses screen from left to right

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263 "Explosion"



theme  - 263 Explosion
Who said Star Wars, said destruction of the death star. Here it is in transition...

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262 "Left to Right"



theme  - 262 Left to Right
Here is a classic transition on the horizontal pass of a figure of the famous Star Wars series. Several characters are available...
Note that if you downloaded this series via the method of the auto installable (.exe) file, you will find a new topic of sound effects '20cents themes' more ...

261 "R2D2"



theme  - 261 R2D2
R2D2 crosses the flagship control room, and took of panic, he projected a video message by his eye...
Note that if you downloaded this series via the method of the auto installable (.exe) file, you will find a new topic of sound effects '20cents themes' containing 2 R2D2 sounds to more ...

260 "Control"



theme  - 260 Control
R2D2 flees into the corridors of the spacecraft. Finding no outcome, it opened its ventral doors and made appear a new video message!

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259 "Princesse Leia"



theme  - 259 Princesse Leia
It was long time that the idea of this theme came to me, and then Papy Serge gave me the strength to build this nice R2D2 (easy compared to the little train of Papy Serge!), and animate it to reproduce this cult scene of my youth. Simply drag your video into, and you may be reach Georges Lucas& more ...

112 "Etoile Noire"



theme  - 112 Etoile Noire
4 Drop Zones come out from hyperspace near a planet, and then orbit around it !
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65 "Introduction"



theme  - 65 Introduction
How to easily built Starwars opening text effect ?
This montage theme is the solution for Pinnacle Studio. Just write your texts using the title editor (with a transparent background), that drag them to the drop zone, and erase them from the timeline.
It's done !
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64 "Earth"



theme  - 64 Earth
The Earth turns on itself, the Moon orbits the Earth. A drop zone take off from the Earth to end in full screen.
A usefull montage theme for a title if you manage a transparent background for your title frame
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