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License Terms and conditions : All the montage themes proposed on this web site may be download and use for FREE for private usage only. For any commercial or profit activities please contact us. In addition, proposing theses creations for download from any other site or through any other means is strictly forbideen.

321 "Twin Spots"



theme  - 321 Twin Spots
Spotlights come from both sides of the stage. When they light up, your title appears at the crossing of their beams
more ...

320 "Spotlight"



theme  - 320 Spotlight
A theatre projectors ramp crosses the scene, and is then switched on to illuminate your title
more ...

319 "Cinema"



theme  - 319 Cinema
An antic projector is switched on, and display your title. Of course, reels of film rotate.
more ...

318 "Action"



theme  - 318 Action
This clap is now used to illustrate this lower thirds using also a film for banner.
more ...

317 "Clap"



theme  - 317 Clap
Uncredible, I just realize that I never propose any clap to introduce sequences in our video.
Of course, this one is animated.
more ...

316 "Victoria"



theme  - 316 Victoria
Queen Victoria gave her name to these falls. They are now giving their name to this montage theme. Many possible banner images for this title illustrating waterfalls ...
more ...

315 "Niagara"



theme  - 315 Niagara
Many possible banner images for this title illustrating waterfalls ...
more ...

314 "Waterfall"



theme  - 314 Waterfall
Now come some lower thirds illustrating waterfalls. Here as a cartoon, with your title falling along the waterfall.
more ...

283 "Passeport"



theme  - 283 Passeport
You need your passport to travel !
more ...

282 "Tour de France"



theme  - 282 Tour de France
I like watching the 'Tour de France' during July, especially during moutain races !
more ...

281 "Biplan"



theme  - 281 Biplan
I wanted to achieve this lower third for a while ...
An airplane pull a advertising banner in the sky, like on seaside !
more ...

280 "Landing"



theme  - 280 Landing
Obviously, an airplane will land !
more ...

279 "Takeoff"



theme  - 279 Takeoff
Some of you requested for now a long time a lower third to illustrate their travel in airplane. It's done !
In addition, you will be able to choose your plane and your airport !
more ...

278 "Coast Guards"



theme  - 278 Coast Guards
This lower third is specially dedicated to Coast Guards !
more ...

277 "Vertical Helico"



theme  - 277 Vertical Helico
The main interest for an Helicopter is its ability to takeoff and landing from vertical. The proof in this lower third !
Letters will appears one below the others ...
more ...

276 "Hawaii"



theme  - 276 Hawaii
Let's continue to visit Hawai with this little Helicopter !
more ...

275 "Helico"



theme  - 275 Helico
You probably wonder why I worked so hard to produce my GIF to AVID/Pinnacle studio import tool as montage theme ?
Here is the answer, It was just to be able to built some original loower thirds !
This is the first one of this new series, featuring an helicopter survey of Hawaii.
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MontageSunday 18 September 2011 01:34:26

thank u so much

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Lower Third VacationSunday 18 September 2011 01:52:41

Would be nice to see with BUS . Cruise SHIP , TRAIN , CAR etc. to enhance Vacation clips ! LOve your Bicycle and Passport creations with all the rest !!

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Thanks !Sunday 18 September 2011 11:31:34

Thanks very much for spending so much time to please us. Did a trip to France this year by bike, so your bike-creations comes at the right time.

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Beautiful !Monday 19 September 2011 13:58:09

Thank you very much. Beautiful.

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Trip To France !Monday 10 October 2011 14:10:21

Thanks very much for spending so much time to please us. Did a trip to France this year by bike

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Thanks DudeSunday 4 December 2011 21:53:00

Thanks dude, you rule

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Bug On #319Sunday 4 December 2011 23:44:13

I have just corrected a problem on Avid version of theme #319 on which text wasn't modifiable ...
If you have dowloaded the file before this message, and if you are using Avid Studio, you woill need to redownload it again to fix the problem.


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Many ThanksSunday 4 December 2011 23:55:05

Thank you very much. It is very nice. I hope that soon in Avid Studio will be useful.

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ThanksSunday 11 December 2011 15:04:45

tanks, very good

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Titre Du MessageSaturday 24 June 2017 15:10:15

Thank you

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