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2 DVD to perfect yourself !

2 DVD to perfect yourself  !

updated on Thursday 9 September 2010

Thierry Philippon, webmaster of has created two training DVDs (the only available in Europe) offering to video makers examples and practical techniques to be successful in their montage of travel films. Entitled "The best professionals pratices to be successful with your montages and movies travel", 2 DVDs are available in Beginner or Intermediate and Advanced.

These DVDs have been designed for video enthusiasts who have some basic in video and willing to progress but also to those who use a camera or iPhone, and want to discovered the video capabilities of their device.

Thanks to the contribution of the moving image, container and contents are in line here. The same situation is sometimes approached with the "bad" example in addition to the "good" example. Position of cameras or cameraman, making of, are explained needed.
The images were filmed in real reportage and travel in South America and Asia,

A free module is available to see the content by yourself.It is both easy to understand and simple to implement.
montage themes are not the only way to succeed in your videos. They only decorate your movies that will clearly benefit from these valuable lessons!

How to modifiy an existing montage theme from Pinnacle

How to modifiy an existing montage theme from Pinnacle

updated on Sunday 5 September 2010

A common question oftenly read in forums : Is it possible to customize one of the Pinnacle Studio montage theme ?
The answer is obviously yes!
However, this is quite tricky and requires some knowledge and a lot of observation.
A few weeks ago, Michel, an internet visitor, asked me if it was possible to change the opening theme of the "Album" series. I accepted the challenge !
This tutorial will explain in detail how I did this operation. Those who will have the patience to go through with this tutorial will find a surprise at its end

Otherwise, the revamping of the site continues ... visit to this site will be more comfortable using Firefox 3.6

A surprise awaits you at ...

A surprise awaits you at ...

updated on Wednesday 1 September 2010

I promised you a rich back to school period. It's now !
I invite you to visit to discover a series of montage theme in a special edition !
I developed this set for declic-video-fx with a worldwide exclusivity to thank him for all his advice and support to let know this website to the largest number of users Pinnacle Studio.
You will find in this serie :
  • a simplified travel animation allowing to define departure and arrival locations. Even if it looks simple, this theme is more complex than I've ever made ...
  • mirror ball "disco" to showcase your clips (the number #200) ...
  • A title banner inspired from the French breaking news channel i-tele
  • A magical sphere in which your photo will appear without any edges
  • A movies atmosphere.
  • and some other themes, I took pleasure to develop.

It's the end of holidays

It's the end of holidays

updated on Sunday 29 August 2010

I promise a back to school period particularly rich, so stay tuned . You will notice some changes of look on the site, due to unpleasant remarks of my children . I've tested on Firefox 3.6 and IE8 (on the latter, it is better to accept the execution of javascripts to view all the animations). Further improvements will follow if I succeed in doing what I want !
To start, Eric has prepared the long version of his theme "Mercator". As for short version, it will be supplemented by the theme "Mercarto3 short track 2" to be loacted on the overlay track. To benefit, you must download the series theme E-N-C. This delivery also includes an update of theme "DIA"

Holidays !

Holidays !

updated on Thursday 12 August 2010

Soon the end of the holidays, and we will have to edit our movies ... Fortunately, Eric has thinking to you and prepared an original introduction montage theme. To benefit, you must download the series theme E-N-C.
Update August 13th 20:30: Following a technical problem, the files containing the E-N-C themes were not available before August 13, 2010 at 20:30.
I have also corrected a problem with the series en">20cents Titles that caused crashes for some users of Studio. If you were a victim of this problem, you can now reload this series.

Viewmaster Series !

Viewmaster Series !

updated on Tuesday 10 August 2010

It's not because we are on holiday that nothing should be done . As a proof, in the momentum of my previous update, I've built a whole series on the theme of this famous ViewMaster. You will find an opening theme, an ending, no less than 6 transitions and 2 titles themes. Go to the section ViewMaster to see what it looks like and then download it if you want .

Viewmaster forever !

Viewmaster forever !

updated on Saturday 31 July 2010

There were many years ago a device called "Viewmaster" which allowed visualization in 3D of small photos Inserted into a rotating disk. Here's a transition that will allow you to relive this magical device in your video editing with Pinnacle Studio.
It has number 206 and is in the category 20cents Transitions that you will need to download (for free as usual ).

holiday homework ...

holiday homework ...

updated on Thursday 22 July 2010

Here are 2 new montage themes suggested by Internet visitors. The first one showcases a series of 5 videos with an original transition. This theme is available under 20cents Multi windows that you should download !
This theme was quite simple to achieve given me the idea to detail the design and implementation in a new tutorial.
The second theme consist in the overlay of a small map allowing to geographically locate your movie. You'll find it under the number 205 in the section 20cents titles
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