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So British

So British

updated on Friday 27 May 2011

E-N-C in his own way celebrates the royal wedding of Kate and William in sending us 2 lower thirds of his creation, with bowler hat, umbrella, Big Ben, queen Elizabeth, horse guard and double decker...
He also made for us a magnificent theme about man evolution and time passing, in his personal style !

For my part, I achieve to adapt to Avid Studio a first batch of 5 series of my montage themes, namely 20cents, 20cents 3Dthemes, 20cents coffre, 20cents cubes and 20cents Ane rouge. Despite all my efforts some themes will not be available for Avid Studio because of too much difference in behaviour of programming language objects. Thus, these themes will not appear in your Avid Studio library .
To take advantage, you will need to reload the corresponding series (I advise you to manually delete previous versions in case of problems).

Finally, Laszlo sent us a video montage made following the reunion of a class of school 40 years after... HFX and montage themes are on the go.

A new montage themes developer is born !

A new montage themes developer is born !

updated on Saturday 14 May 2011

Dedeuf11 comes from the Department of Aude (11) in France, and he make us the great pleasure to share a series of multi Windows montage themes that he has developed for his own montages.

These themes combine drop zones in portrait or landscape mode to build originals slideshows in a simply manner.
to learn how to use vertical drop zones, do not hesitate to consult the F.A.Q section.

If you have developed montage themes, do not hesitate to contact me to share them with all of the visitors!

Insert some comments in your Photo Album

Insert some comments in your Photo Album

updated on Sunday 8 May 2011

Papy Serge has issued an extension to his fabulous photo album designed to insert pages of text.
I took this opportunity to adapt for Avid Studio all the themes created by Papy Serge. If you use Avid Studio and you had downloaded a previous version of Papy Serge's themes, I kindly advise you to delete the corresponding directories before reinstalling the new version.

Unlike Pinnacle Studio version, Papy Serge Album series for Avid Studio does not allows the selection of a predefines skin using the combobox. You must set the skin by changing default files such that described in this tutorial.

To avoid any confusion, I put in place a signage close to download buttons to inform you about compatibility with different versions of Pinnacle and Avid Studio of theses various series.
  • Red cross over a version logo indicates the non-compatibility
  • Orange dotted cross indicates that certain setting options are not available, but themes are nevertheless usable.
  • Absence of cross on the logo indicates full compatibility.

The adaptation of different Avid Studio series continues, but it's still an enormous work taking me lot of time. so be a little patient .

Lily of the Valley of the 1st May

Lily of the Valley of the 1st May

updated on Saturday 30 April 2011

To celebrate May 1st, PapyChat offers a new series featuring the traditional strand of lily of the Valley. Enjoy, it is kindly offered !
You will find this very nice series with 11 new themes of editing here. It is of course compatible with Avid Studio!

On my side, at the request of Thierry, I created a new theme to make a "rain" of images (all images are identical). Thierry wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of his nephews with a rain of "1 year" images.
This new theme is available in the 20cents effects series. On this occasion, I make the effort to make this series compatible with Avid Studio.

If you need a particular montage theme for your editing, feel free to contact me, I will see what I can do...

Happy Easter from PapyChat

Happy Easter from PapyChat

updated on Thursday 14 April 2011

PapyChat and I wish you a Happy Easter. You can capture the best moment of this holiday season with this new series specially designed by PapyChat for Easter !
Of course, chocolate rabbits,Eggs, and bells are there

Happiness is never alone, and this series is the first to be compatible with both Pinnacle and Avid Studio from day one.
I have also upgraded PapyChat Valentine series to make it compatible with Avid Studio

E-N-C offers us a short tour of functionnalities offered by Avid Studio. This will complement the different information available on the Web to see if the software fits all your needs.

Finally, Jean Claude offers us a beautiful clip he made for the 40th anniversary of his wife (happy birthday Marylène!). You will see how he manages transitions and montage themes in this a high tier slideshow.

The E.N.C montages themes now under Avid Studio!

The E.N.C montages themes now under Avid Studio!

updated on Monday 4 April 2011

Yes, you aren't dreaming ! You have correctly read, the E.N.C montage themes are now also available for Avid studio. If you already have this wonderful software, you will just need to download the update of the 3 series of E.N.C topics in the resources page.

Note: The procedure of installation in Avid Studio remains somewhat mysterious. On my PC, the installation happens correctly taking care to erase beforehand the directories containing older versions. I am not sure if this precaution is necessary...

After a few evenings of reflection, I think that I have identified all the problems which prevented my themes (and those of my friends) to work correctly in Avid Studio. These small pranksters from Avid have indeed changed a few behaviors that will require me to modify themes one by one, and there is near 350 available on the site!

I will tell you about updates on a regular basis...

Happiness is never alone, E.N.C send us a new montage theme specially designed for your wedding films. You will find it in the E-N-C mariage series.

In conclusion, I invite you to view the introduction of the TOJOCOLI film about his trip to the Viet Nam, with judicious use of montage themes. You will find it in the section Your Montages

Classical ballet !

Classical ballet !

updated on Thursday 24 March 2011

After several very technological series such as the little train of Papy Serge and Starwars, some calm cannot be evil.

I therefore chose to present 5 multi Windows themes including some asked everal months ago by Christian and Nathalie. I hope that they will correspond to their expectations. They are simple, but very effective !

Otherwise, I've added you a new F.A.Q topic wich will answer to the most frequently asked questions I receive, this topic is designed to include your future questions...

But I kept the best for last, I have built a topic for your comments and remarks at the end of each tutorial or each series of montage themes. I hope this will make this site much more interesting !

Star Wars episode 7

Star Wars episode 7

updated on Thursday 17 March 2011

This week, I make me please achieving an old project. Indeed, I recreate a cult scene of my youth.
Like George Lucas, you will be able to make appear Princess Leia in a holographic message projected by a truer than nature R2D2!
To conclude this series, you'll also see the destruction of the Death star ...

All these themes are available in series 20cents StarWars which has been completed with 10 additional themes...

At the request of Laurence, I also added theme #258 in 20cents Multi Windows series. This theme just display 4 Windows simultaneously on your screen.
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